Jon Edie, a graduate from Law school, soon learned that legal matters are not his cup of tea; since childhood he has been more inclined towards running a business, as he grew up with a family that owns a business too.

After working with a Legal Financial Company, Jon decided to start working for himself and launched his very own unique company called: The Perfect Memorial. He creates beautiful memorials for those who wish do something more and different for their deceased loved ones. Read further to learn what Jon has to say about his company and running your own business.

What all services or products do you offer?

Headstones | Lawn Memorials | Flat Markers | Commemorative Plaques | Murals | Photo Art & Restoration.

We offer unique and personalized memorial items using the amazing technique of laser etching – also known as laser engraving. Thanks to the precise nature of this new technology, now anything can be brilliantly reproduced onto polished granite and marble:

Photos | Poetry | Hobbies & Pastimes | Signatures | Photoshop Creations | Sport Club & Team Logos - or simply a loved one's name.

Tell us about your favorite creation(s) so far.

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, I am proud of every one of our creations so far. The positive feedback from a satisfied customer is like nothing else – especially when one considers how personal and intimate our products tend to be. This is the best part of this business in my opinion – the customer (family’s) satisfaction. However, if I had to choose one that stands out in my mind it would have to be a photo engraved plaque order for a local church.

Its congregation wanted to honor one of its founding members but the only available photo of the gentleman was a passport-sized photo from the 1950’s that was quite weathered and worn. However, we were able to restore the image, blow it up and transform it into a 3’x4’ marble plaque. They were so elated! That was one of our first orders as well … it was at that point where I knew this was a worthwhile endeavor.

Enlighten us about your “Tradition Meets Technology” concept.

Memorials are used to celebrate the life of a person and often to inform or educate others to the character of the deceased. They have evolved over the centuries in step with their relative cultures, religions, faiths and values. Due to obvious limitations most memorials were bound to the usual format of; name, date of birth, and date of passing of the individual - we wanted to offer something more.

New methods allow us to continue the traditional way of doing things but with a few added benefits. If so desired, we can add your favorite photos of a loved one, images of them enjoying their hobbies, or memories of them enjoying their family and friends – features never before imaginable. Our products strive to depict your loved ones in the most unique, personal and memorable way possible.

How long have you been creating perfect memorials and what line of work were you in before launching your own business?

The company was formed in 2006. Prior to this I was working in the legal area of the Financial Industry. I grew up in a family business and I think that background is a difficult one to shake off. The notion of being self-employed is very natural to me.

How do you prefer to market your product?

We prefer online marketing. We utilize business listing databases as well as social media sites (Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, Facebook) – and of course, E-Junkie!

Apart from UK, do you supply elsewhere as well, and do you face any hindrances while supplying such enormous memorials to different locations?

We supply to each and every country in the world! Things have been a bit tricky at times with language barriers and such but thankfully we have always managed to resolve the issue. Due to the nature of our products, delivery is sometimes a challenge but we go by the motto: “If a house is there then we can get there too!”

Ocean freight is hardly ever an issue as shipments are generally calculated according to size – however, this is not always the case when it comes to land transport. Thankfully we work with great logistic and freight forwarding companies and are able to avoid the unscrupulous operators.

Tell us a bit about your family and your hobbies.

As mentioned earlier, I grew up in a family business. We owned a stone and ceramic company in the Cayman Islands (British West Indies) so I guess the workings of this type of business is somewhat second nature to me. I relocated to the UK about 10 years ago, graduated from law school but soon found myself unsatisfied at the end of the working week. I always kept my ear to the developments in the related industry of my family’s business and caught wind of this amazing new development referred to as “laser engraving / etching”. The rest is history as they say.

My hobbies include watching television shows in relation to business and invention developers. (There is always something new to be learned.) I am an avid “Photoshopper” as well and spend quite a lot of time honing my skills and keeping up with the ever-evolving technology.

Some expert advice for those who wish to launch their own online business.

Launching an online business can be a very daunting experience, however, one of the most important things in regards to an online business is “keywords”.

Keywords should be expertly utilized to maximize the “discoverablilty “ of your online business. They must focus on your products and services, location, target market etc.
It is also important to keep abreast of changes in the online and internet search framework. Failure to do so can result in your business being left outside the inner circle and singing from an outdated song-sheet – so to speak.

What works for them will most likely work you.”

Perform searches on your competition and industry related companies and pay attention to the results. It may be useful to list your company with whatever forums and or websites that are forwarding their links.

Lastly, don’t waste time thinking about your hopes and dreams – go out and do it. Provided your plan is a viable one and you are committed to its success then jump right in. However, always be open to criticism and do not let the hurdles and initial setbacks throw you off course. Remember that you can learn something worthwhile from some of the most unexpected places and persons. Good luck!

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