Website Speed is Vital

Posted: 8/03/2015
Running a website can be difficult. There are metrics that must be tracked and plugins to tweak. For a small business, understanding how to improve conversions could make or break your bottom line. 

Site speed has always been an important factor in increasing conversions. Recently, Google has started to factor site speed into their ranking algorithm, a decision that strongly favors light responsive sites over slower sites with long load times. Utilizing a CDN, removing Flash plugins and hosting your site on a virtual private cloud can give you excellent results in terms of speed and help you scale your resources rapidly if your site needs to grow. Testing your site to ensure it is loading quickly and giving your users a great experience will help you improve both conversions and your Google search ranking!

The infographic after the jump (made by SingleHop) delivers insight into how important website speed is and gives you some resources to test and optimize your site’s speed.

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