When you set up a e-commerce shop, having a secondary place to sell your product is helpful. Even if you self-publish through Amazon's CreateSpace and sell on Amazon, getting a few copies of your book to sell at your local coffee shop may be something you want to do.

With E-junkie not only can you sell your digital products on your won website, you can also choose to use E-junkie's Marketplace to sell your products.

The first thing you will need to do is get your products setup. Once you have your product setup, you can add it to the E-junkie Marketplace.

From the Seller Admin page, click List Products in Your E-junkie Shop and Our Marketplace.

You will then need to select one of your products from the drop down menu and click the Add/Edit Listing in Your E-junkie Shop and Our Marketplace. 

The following page will let you add in details about your product that people will be able to read on the sales page for the product. Once you have it setup click Next.    

After that you can setup other information, including the categories that your product fits into as well as links to your website and so forth. Once you fill in the info you want to, click Submit to save the setup.    

On the final page you can upload both an image for the sales page and a thumbnail for the general shop.

A few things you should remember...
      The Marketplace is not a shopping destination like Amazon is. You still need to promote your products.
      The search option for the Marketplace is updated once each seven days or so, so it might take up to a week before you can search for your product.
      The search also requires that you have a paid subscription.

If you have any questions about E-junkie, you can always contact our support staff here.


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