When you’re selling products, you need a way to track your sales. When you have a brick and mortar shop, this is often done with a Point of Sale (P.O.S.) system or if you are computer adverse, by hand. With E-junkie, we provide a transaction log that users can access at any time. And the E-junkie Transaction Log is easy to access.

From the Seller Admin page, the option is going to be in the lower right corner...

Once the log loads, it will look something like this: 

That log will list all relevant information related to each transaction. At the top of the log are options to set the date range. You can select a particular product to check its sales or select all your products to see how you’re doing in general.

On this page you’ll find the option to download the transaction log. If you download the transaction log, you can than open it in any spreadsheet program of your choosing.

Do you have any questions about E-junkie? E-mail our support staff here.
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