Every marketer who is running an e-commerce business should already know the power of email marketing. But without the correct strategies you might be losing out on a lot of subscribers AND revenue. The best aspect about email marketing is that a single promotional mail can bring in lots of conversions – but only if it is done right! Many marketers are still use the age old method of getting subscribers through a shabby looking Sign Up form and then sending them newsletters hoping to get lucky with some sales.

This is one of the biggest mistakes! The main disadvantage of this method is that often the subscribers get mails of unrelated offers which results in unsubscribes and/or low conversions and sales. This article walks thru 7 tweaks to improve your email marketing technique.

1. Segmentation of Subscribers

You are simply leaving a lot of easy money on the table if you are not dividing your subscribers into segments and making use of advanced features. There can be several areas on the basis of which you can segment your list.

A few of them are:
  • Actions on your website (i.e. Which product were they interested in?) 
  • Personalization 
  • Demographics 
  • Detailed tracking of customer responses       
  • Emails based on these triggers 
List segmentation is very easy to set up, very effective and you won’t need a lot of investment to get started.             

2. Optimize the Subscription Form

You should optimize the Email Subscription Form to get more subscribers. A well-presented home page is only half the work. You should try to place the subscription form on all the pages of the website. The position of the form is also very important. Placing the form on the lower most corner is no good – you should try to place it inside the content or in the upper folds of the website.

3. Use Images That Capture Attention

This one is simple. Use an image that captures the attention of the visitors right away. Borders around images work very well. Images that utilize red do well. Images that employ arrows and symbols to guide users toward the subscription form do well. Test images to ensure you're serving images that convert subscribers. The image that does well with your target audience is an image that you should use. Ditch low performing or boring images. 

4. Offer Incentives

Why should someone sign up to your newsletter? What benefit will it be for them? You must highlight at least one incentive for your subscribers. It can be “ $5 off for the first order” or “Free Shipping” or or a promise that subscribers will get exclusive deals and discounts. You can also display different versions of the subscription forms (with different offers) on different areas of the website so that the visitors can choose the right option for them.

5. Be Urgent 

Including urgency in your messaging  (“Only for 24 hours!” or “Sign Up Today!”) can drastically increase your subscriber rate. Pair urgency with incentives and you’ll be in good shape. For example, “Ignore this and you will miss out on a $50 Free Coupon Forever.”  After a user has clicked on the Subscriber button you can make the newsletter work for them by allowing for them to choose their preferences, specify their product interests and include demographic information (age, birthdate, etc.) But first, give them a reason to be a part of your community.

6. Write a Catchy Subject Line

A catchy subject line will make your subscribers open your mail and read what’s inside. Needless to say, it is of no use if you have a huge email list and a poor Open Rate. Using mystery in the subject lines can help you achieve this.

For example: “Stay Away From The Kitchen Tonight. Here’s How.” “You’re not going to want to miss out on this…,” etc.

7. Make Subscribers Enter Their Email Twice

This is a very small tweak that you can definitely apply to make sure that you are getting the correct email id every time someone is opting in. Include a second field in the subscription form where the subscribers have to enter their email again. Make sure that it is not auto populated and that the two fields for email ids are the same without any discrepancy.

The net profits of an e-commerce business can be increased by leaps and bounds if these simple tricks are kept in mind. You have to put in that extra effort initially but with proper analysis, testing and refinement, you will get to see the benefits in a very short time.

This guest blog post was written by Sreejan Niyogi, a contributor for Shahram Shirkhani Blog

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