If you are building your website from scratch, and you know HTML code, then you should be fine to add the basic HTML code we provide to your website.

If you are adding our code to a site like WordPress, than you may need a hand with how to do so. Many web-building programs/sites like WordPress use what is known as “What You See, Is What Your Get” or WYSISYG editing. Which allows you to see how your page looks as you add elements to it.

Let's start with adding E-junkie code to a Free WordPress Blog page which is a page on their site. WordPress' blog page cannot handle custom plugins or javascript. So what you will want to do within E-junkie is get the non-javascript code. 
To do that, you will need to remove the checkmark for the non-javascript code.

In WordPress you will need to change the setting for building the page from visual to HTML view before adding your code in:

When you are using the WordPress system to build your webpage on your site, you can use the above option to add your code to your page, although you can use the standard code we provide. Or you can use the Raw HTML plugin to add code directly to your webpage.

Most systems that allow you to build your webpages using a WYSIWYG system, like WordPress, Wix, Weebly to name a few.

Do you have a question about E-junkie? E-mail our support staff here.

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