Even with the remote hosting option we mentioned last week, you may hit some trouble if the file you are selling is over the 2 GB limit we provide for remote files. But fear not! There is a work around. 

Our remote file size option being limited to 2 GB is a hard technical limit that is imposed by our web server architecture. That limit is derived from the maximum value that can be represented by a 32-bit signed integer, which is 2,147,483,647 bytes, which is 2.147 GB.

Some people have asked us, and maybe you are asking it too, “why don't we just upgrade the web server to allow larger files?”

Well, expanding that limit is going to entail a major upgrade to our web servers, so it is not a simple upgrade. We do plan to handle this but we need to take care of other things, for example, our new, non-flash interface, which you can test here.

So, what do you do if you have a video file, or other file, you want to sell that is over 2 GB in size?

With E-junkie the way you will need to handle this is to split the file into two parts, unless the file is over 4 GB in size, in which case it will be more than two parts.

For our example let's call the overall product My Movie. First you will need to setup two separate products, let's call them My Movie Part 1 and My Movie Part 2, both using the remote hosting option to keep a part of the file on a remote server.

After you have the two parts setup you will than need to use our Bundle Product feature to combine the two parts into a single product.    

You will not want to use the button codes for the two parts, but the codes for the bundled product.

When your buyers purchase the product they will be provided with two download links, one for each part. Also, if you wish you can customize the thank you e-mail to explain the two parts, or if you have setup a way for people to combine the two halves, you can include those instructions.

And there you have it, a file over 2 GB to sell to your customers.

As always, if you have any questions about E-junkie you can contact our support staff here.

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